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Reception morning

Arco Iris School has put in place the best conditions to welcome each child.  Families are received by the team between 8:30 to 9:15 am.  Children integrate into the space at their rhythm, accompanied if they wish by their parent who can initiate an activity with them.  Autonomous activities presented by the school are at their disposition.
This moment in time permits a slow integration into the school.


A privileged time of conviviality and recuperation,  also favouring autonomy along with the exchange in help afforded by the group. The meals are assured by a service (daily delivery) and reheated on site. The menus have been established by a dietician and take into consideration the choice of the children.

Rest time

After lunch the youngest children prepare for a nap while the older children who do not feel tired are invited into the library nook for a time of  dreaming or a quiet game. This is also a time when workshops on sophrology or yoga take place.  The sleeping rhythm of the child is respected thanks to a room dedicated to these naps.  Children are allowed to rise as they awake.

At any moment during the day the children have the possibility of resting in the reading corner or asking to go into the napping room if they need to sleep.

Hygiene and Potty training

The rhythm of the child is respected and any incidents are de-dramatized.  The availability of a shower permits washing the children if needed.  Children who are not yet “potty trained” are welcome at Arco Iris School.  In this case please provide a replacement outfit in case of accidents.  Replacement diapers are not provided by the school.  

Evening reception

This is a special time of day when the reception of parents is important.  For this reason we ask that you arrive no later that 15 minutes before the school’s closing time.


Specific types of welcome

The Adaptation Period

This key step pertains to welcoming each child into the collective structure.  During this period the child progressively familiarizes his/her self with their new environment and new way of life.  The duration of this period of adaptation is specific to each child

Types of accompaniment and welcome for children presenting a handicap (disability)

It is useful to exchange with us the educative habits of the home in order to assure continuity and stability. Reunions in concert with medical professionals and the family are assured in order to regularly evaluate the PAI.  As of today the team does not have specific qualifications for handling children with disabilities. However formations and time for exchanges with health professionals are regularly programmed.

  • HORAIRES Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
    8:30 am to 4:30 pm
    Morning reception on request
  • MONTHLY RATE 836€ MEALS 230€ / month
    Expenses eligible for the tax credit, ie 115€ / month
  • Club at preferential rate
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