Alternative Education: The solution to prepare for the future

You would like that your child develops his/her intelligence thanks to a positive, differentiated pedagogy.

Arco Iris School was born of an observation that future generations need to develop their humanity in order to respond to the challenges of tomorrow, Like Joel de Rosnay, “ let us bet on less competition and more optimism” by proposing an alternative education.

Arco Iris School, by way of alternative education methods, prepares children to become engaged citizens, actors in their lives thanks to an understanding of their individual identity and their collective force.

Today children need to act to learn, to be creative to innovate, to better know themselves to grow in confidence, to interest themselves in others and to work in groups.

Three years after the creation of Club Arco Iris, in response to the growing demand by parents in search of an alternative education geared towards the future, Arco Iris School was born.

The alternative education of Arco Iris School is inspired by the methods of Reggio, Montessori, Freinet and Martenot, inscribing them within the realities of the 21st century, along with the values of openness, happiness and solidarity.

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Opening: Explore the world and open his/her intelligence

Arco Iris School favors observation, experimentation and autonomy within the domains of the environment, arts and digital to imagine tomorrow. 

A linguistic awakening via English is also in the program thanks to our bilingual staff members.

The education alternative brings another dimension to fundamental learning;  in waking up the curiosity and imagination of your child, Arco Iris School develops his/her creativity and leads him/her to appropriate his/her environment while at the same time putting everything in question in order to better innovate, and for tomorrow, to bring new ideas to the world.

As such, the alternative education of Arco Iris School prepares your child not only to enter CP (elementary school) thanks to acquisition of fundamental learning, but also to develop for the long run your child’s talents in Creativity – Curiosity – Imagination.

Happiness: To know oneself and to grow in self esteem

Arco Iris School brings a new dimension to alternative education in integrating optimism along with traditional values.

“To be optimistic is to decide to be happy without illusion” Eric Emmanuel Schmitt

Arco Iris School teaches to feel, to perceive emotions and to understand them, to feel good in one’s body and mind in order to feel enthusiastic about everything.

This happens vis activities in full consciousness of the present moment, of the “slow life” and through workshops in sophrology and yoga.

Solidarity: Being in integration and growing in confidence

Arco Iris School cultivates kindness, attention towards others, the richness of differences, and the development of spontaneous collaborative projects.

The alternative education at Arco Iris School translates into mutual assistance (and altruism) in terms of daily life, an empathy within the exchanges between children and a culture of diversity permitting each child to be enriched by the contact of the others.  

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