Arco Iris, the International Bilingual School of Paris Boulogne Billancourt teaches how to become a creator of tomorrow’s world.

Arco Iris, the International Bilingual School of Paris Boulogne Billancourt “Rives de Seine”, created on the grounds of an area full of history (the former Renault factories). 

Although Arco Iris School is naturally focused on the children of the surrounding neighbourhood, the school is open to all children ages 2,5 to 6 years of age from either Boulogne Billancourt or elsewhere.

25 children for 2,5 to 6 years are welcomed and taken care of by a team of 3 professionals recruited for their pedagogical character but also for their aptitude to accompany the children toward the future.  Thanks to a favourable child/adult ratio the personality of each child is at the heart of workings of Arco Iris School.

This is not only a program but also a softness of living that we offer each day to the families that come to our international bilingual school Paris Boulogne Billancourt:  the school Arco Iris puts the best conditions for learning at the disposition of the children:  a vast space, warmly and superbly organized.  

A place to anchor for your child

Arco Iris School is an essential living space for children with regard to the time they spend there and to their personal development.

Arco Iris School is an international bilingual school at Paris Boulogne Billancourt which your child can appropriate and where he/she will evolve according to his/her proper identity and those of the other children.

Children are also taken on field trips to discover the immediate surroundings, the neighbourhood, the park, the cultural structures of the city…

Parents take the floor to tell you about our school

Light and modern building, without equal

Arco Iris, the International Bilingual school of Paris Boulogne Billancourt has a surface of 211,2 and conforms to all norms of security and accessibility.

It is composed of three principal spaces:

  • A resting/napping room (isolated)
  • A largely room where the free activities take place
  • A multi usage room available for various workshops and for meals

The school is also equipped with children’s bathrooms (toilets and showers) adult facilities, a kitchen (hot plate) and an office permitting the reception of parents for appointments and for children who become sick.

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