Enter into the universe of Arco Iris School, the kindergarten where tomorrow is seen as an opportunity to create together.
Arco Iris School welcomes children from 2.5 to 6 years in a vast and light filled space for a full day.
Arco Iris School, registered with the Rectorate of Versailles, has as it's mission to form children for future careers by way of a teaching focused on both the individual and the collective.

L'école ARCO IRIS est un lieu construit autour de votre enfant et de sa famille. Tout est mis en œuvre pour assurer l'épanouissement de votre enfant et son développement intellectuel et émotionnel.

Arco Iris school is a place constructed around your child and his/her family.  Everything is geared towards assuring the fulfilment of your child and his/her intellectual and emotional development.

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  • Our mornings are easy:  our daughter is always happy to start her day and we parents are without stress thanks to the warm welcome she receives. We appreciate the regular exchanges with the team about the diverse activities proposed, and the way in which the children experience them. Our daughter blossomed in the colourful, light filled environment, developed her creativity and was enriched by her encounters with children of different ages. To out great pleasure in a few months we have seen our daughter gain in autonomy and curiosity.

    Hélène, mom of Solange, 4 years old

  • The pedagogy proposed by Arco Iris is creative, kind, and insists on a great deal on the autonomy of children. Margaux immediately adopted “her school”, which respected her rhythm, her needs and her character. While daily rituals and routines were instituted, every day was different, with varied and unexpected activities.

    Julie, mom of Margaux, 3 years old

The advantages


Arco Iris School is located in a haven of serenity
in the heart of the Rives de Seine
neighbourhood of Boulogne-Billancourt
with the goal of favouring learning
and self-expression.

A pedagogy
open to the world of
today and tomorrow

Arco Iris School, registered with
the Rectorate of Versailles,
places the personality
of your child at the heart of
its unique pedagogic project.

A professional
and bilingual

The team of educators
is ready to hear from you
and available to present their work
and get to know your needs. 

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The school in pictures

Reception from morning to evening, respect for the rhythm of your child…Come discover the services that we have put into place during a typical day, as well as the types of specific adaptations we offer.

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