Enfants heureux Ecole bilingue ARCO IRIS
A school
2.5-6 y.o
a Club
3-10 y.o
at Boulogne-Billancourt

Arco Iris, bilingual school and leisure center in Boulogne-Billancourt

Positive thoughts, playful actions, a creative and attentive team, that’s ARCO IRIS Bilingual School!

Openness, Happiness, Sharing are the values of ARCO IRIS, the bilingual school and bilingual leisure time centre in Boulogne.

Charlotte and Arco Iris


Bilingual &
2.5 - 6 years
Bilingual School welcomes children from all over the world and takes them to CP through meaningful actions, while highlighting their personality and international culture, in French and English.
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3-10 years
The bilingual school in Boulogne, all year round, it's a creative and playful program me to relax and have fun, and also support services for parents for more serenity.
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We moved to Paris post Covid, Specifically at a stage where my 3 year old spent most of his time at home due to Covid and was going to face the new and very important part of his life. Today I can say choosing Arco Iris School was one of the best decisions we took for our son. Teachers, environment, Approach and Love makes this place so special. A great place for kids to express them and learn their emotions the right way. A special thanks to all teachers for making this a wonderland memory for my son.(avis Google)

Abislasha D.
Adyant's mother, 3 y.o.

Nothing matters more than knowing that you can leave your children in a place of joy and security. ARCO Iris is that place and so much more. The dedication of their staff is present in every domain down to the very minor details and the children recognize their devotion. I highly recommend reaching out to them for further information.

Denise B.
Zach's mother, 5 y.o.

Adoro o Club escola Arco Iris!!! As professoras são maravilhosas e toda equipe trata meu filho com muito carinho. Foi uma escolha perfeita. Recomendo para todos!

Alvane C.
Oliver's mother, 2,5 y.o.

Super école ! Ma fille y va avec plaisir tous les matins. Équipe très chaleureuse, bienveillante et à l’écoute. L’autonomie des enfants est favorisée. Les diverses activités et intervenants permettent aux enfants de s’ouvrir sur le monde.

Emma P.

Maman de Iris, 3 ans

A French School, with International spirit

ARCO IRIS Boulogne’s bilingual school is rich in all cultures: it offers an international environment to children living in France and French culture to expats.

A positive

Creative and Bilingual Education ARCO IRIS, Boulogne’s bilingual school, trains autonomous, responsible, curious and creative children through playful activities that promote their personal development.

that make sense

Children explore the world and act for a world rich with all our differences and in favour of the environment, at the bilingual school and at the Bilingual Club of Boulogne ARCO IRIS.

A secure and
pleasant environment

At ARCO IRIS, the bilingual school in Boulogne, we learn inside, we learn outside, everywhere the child feels good.

ARCO IRIS, Boulogne’s bilingual school is a sparkling school, an open, bright, and exciting place for children, where they enrich themselves with difference, open themselves to the world in French and English.