2024/01/110 minutes

Holidays in 2024

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Your child enjoys meeting up with other children his age to play, experiment, jump, laugh, dance, create, cook, play music, decorate, etc.

You want to have peace of mind and know that your child is having fun,

You want your child to practice English with other children in a fun way

Here is a detailed program designed for girls and boys, aged 3 and 10:

From February 12 to 23: Creation of our animated film. PROGRAM HERE (English version coming soon)

From April 8 to 19: Oceans and fantastic animals

From July 8 to August 2: Olympic Games

From August 26 to 30: Paralympic Games

From October 19 to November 4: circuits, from Mario to Calvin & Hobbes

Find the information here and contact us for further information.