2024/01/111 minute

I wish you a beautiful, colorful new year 2024!

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As I write these words, the sky is gray, it is very cold but deep inside us, colors dance and everyone wears and shares them in their own way.

I could have chosen a fireworks display, as my son suggested, but I think it corresponds more to a sparkling, unique moment, of which you will encounter several during the year. Keep your eyes open!

I could have chosen beautiful multicolored leaves to invite you to explore the forest, the parks, the mountains, the rivers… even in winter, under the bright blue of the sky or the white clouds announcing snow. Nature is invigorating, soothing and promotes creativity. Despite appearances, it is at your doorstep! Get out, walk, breathe. It’s crazy how good it feels.

I could have chosen a rainbow which symbolizes the light in the gray, the meeting of rain and sun. But it’s our daily life, isn’t it? ARCO IRIS is here to bring together our differences and enrich ourselves from them.

I fell in love with these blue-footed boobies I met in the Galapagos in 2013, among other extraordinary birds.

Just like these animals with unexpected colors, we carry colors within us, some dominant according to our emotions, our intelligence, our environment, beyond those we display on our clothes.

And you, what is your favorite color? What color warms your heart and animates you at the moment? Close your eyes, breathe and feel. Each color has a beautiful symbolism to explore.

So, this year, I invite you to take out your palette and reveal your colors!