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Summer 2023 : Water in all states

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At ARCO IRIS, the bilingual leisure centre, this summercamps will be an opportunity for many water games: science, arts, discovery of its virtues throughout history, water will be in all its forms to raise awareness children from 3-10 years old to an essential and so fun natural element!

Why water?

Water arouses many reactions, emotions, activates memories: the beach, lakes, rivers, canals, thirst, the development of plants and animals, cruises, great discoveries…

This photo was taken in 2012 at the Iguazu Falls, Brazilian side. These waterfalls inspire power and wild nature. They are also reminiscent of the dams that supply us with electricity.

Being in contact with water means understanding our primary needs but also our environment. Water makes you happy, soothes, provokes many emotions that we will explore with the children.

What interests for the children? fun and educational of course!

At the bilingual ARCO IRIS leisure centre, the themes chosen are fun but also educational!

History: along the Nile

Inspired by the exhibition at the Louvre Museum that we will visit, we will follow in the footsteps of little Noun, the hippopotamus from the banks of the Nile, our starting point to discover the marine peoples of antiquity and understand nomadic lifestyles.

Children have a very good memory, sometimes surprisingly, and often understand the logic of images very well. The important thing is that they familiarize themselves and at their own pace with the works of art on offer.

Raising children’s awareness of art from an early age not only helps them get used to it but also develops their interest, curiosity, creativity and imagination.

The ARCO IRIS bilingual club team will offer many artistic workshops during the July workshop-internships to awaken their senses.

Science: but why?

Children naturally ask a lot of questions. From a questioning, the team of the bilingual ARCO IRIS club multiplies the experiences so that children from 3 to 10 years old discover, find answers, develop curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and interest in the scientific and technical progress.

The city of children at La Villette, where we will go will be the right place to answer all the questions of the children and to discover in particular the hydraulic pressure system.

This is also a great opportunity to reveal to them the preciousness of water, eco-gestures, without forgetting to have fun!


Nature has a protective effect that soothes and provides a feeling of well-being.

Nature, including in the city, is often at hand to play, dream, explore and also to learn to behave not as a predator but as a sensitive and informed social actor.

The natural environment also provides children with unique learning opportunities, whether in terms of commitment, risk-taking, discovery, creativity, mastery of situations, self-esteem.

Obviously, outdoor games, outings in the forest and gardening workshops are among our favorite activities during the holidays at the ARCO IRIS bilingual leisure centre.

During the summer, we will especially explore the rivers and rivers and go on a cruise on the Seine with the Bateaux Parisiens. Meet nature in the city, or conversely the urban environment cohabiting with this river which would have appeared in -12,000!

For half a day or the week, there will be party and great workshops in English and French during our holiday camps at the ARCO IRIS leisure center!

Do you think the holidays are made for slowing down the pace and doing fun, fun workshops and experimenting with new worlds?

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