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Our eco-responsible commitment

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Being eco-responsible for a child means a lot of things: making children aware of the nature that surrounds them, taking care of their environment, even in the urban environment, and adopting actions that preserve it to guarantee a good quality of life.

The children are very sensitive to this approach, a fundamental value of the ARCO IRIS school.

Zero waste approach

Each child has a water bottle to avoid the use of plastic bottles and to drink at all times. We also use cloth napkins rather than the classic hand towel, each child has their own. During meals, awareness is high and constant to limit waste: encouragement to take the right quantity even if it means refilling, weighing of leftovers, encouragement to reuse what can be used!


Many accessories are put aside and left at the Maison de la Planète in Boulogne to be recycled. Our regular visits are an opportunity to discover new tips and reinforce the message. Obviously, we don’t lack creativity to reuse cardboard rolls, holey socks and even pizza boxes to create solar ovens!

Activities and outings in nature

Gardening activities fascinate children, especially since they visited the allotment gardens of Vieux Pont de Sèvres, a wonderful sensory experience. Class outside is our leitmotif, in the sun or even the rain, the children being well dressed for the occasion. Their favorite outing: visiting the elves of the magical forest, hidden at the top of a large hill, in the heart of the forest, not far from the school…

Eco-school label

For 3 years, the ARCO IRIS school has been certified as an eco-school and the entire team is committed to implementing environmentally friendly practices and raising children’s awareness of respect for its ecosystem.